Lawn Care Tips for Midwest Lawns



The United States has several seasonal growing areas around the country, and each have their own distinct lawn care applications. America’s heartland, the Midwest, possesses a wide variety of weather patterns that range from hot summers to frigid winters. Because of these fluctuations, homeowners in the region should become familiar with lawn care considerations that are unique to their area.

Types of Grass to Grow

When seeding a new lawn, you will need to stay away from warm-season grasses. These species will grow lush during the summer but will most certainly die off during the winter, leaving you with a dried-up, yellow lawn and a re-planting project for the following spring. Always look for cool-season grass seed; some of the more common types are Kentucky bluegrass, bent grasses, fescues, and ryegrasses. These grasses are the best alternatives for a green and healthy lawn in the Midwest.

If you choose to buy sod, Briggs Turf Farm carries cool-season grass specifically tailored to the rigors of Midwest growing conditions. However, if you are partial to a specific type of grass, ask around until you find the grass that looks best to you. Briggs Turf Farm grows both Fescue and Bluegrass, we can help.

Care and Feeding

Ideally, seeding should be done in August and September, whereas the best time to lay sod is early spring or late summer (although it can be laid year-round). The ideal time to fertilize is during the fall, which is also the best time to aerate and dethatch your lawn. Although herbicides can be used any time throughout the year, crabgrass control works better in the spring and summer. Broadleaf weeds are easier to conquer in the late summer and early fall.

Mowing and Watering

Mowing can begin at the first signs of growth in the early spring and halted with the onset of colder fall temperatures. Watering is always a consideration throughout the entire growing year, but it needs to be curtailed in mid to late October.

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Here are few pics before and after Briggs Turf Farm installed the new sod…

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Retail Locations

We currently offer 18 retail location ( 8 in Kansas and 10 in Missouri) for our residential and commercial customers. There are currently 17 Home Depots in the Metro area that offer “Nature Carpet” Sod Blend and 2 Home Depots that offer “Natures Carpet” Seed. In addition to The Home Depot we have also partnered up with BC Hardscapes in the north land to supply those customers with “Natures Carpet” sod and seed


Snow and Ice Management has become an important part of Briggs Traditional’s business, by utilizing state of the art truck mounted snow plows, large capacity salt spreaders, and rubber edged snow pushers with back drag options for skid steers we are able to manage all your snow and ice management from large commercial and industrial properties to home owners associations .

Soil Prep

With out skilled operators and laborers at hand the most simple job can look like a disaster, not drain properly, kill grass, and cause more damage than good. Leave it to the Briggs Traditional staff to ensure that the final grade ( +/- 1/10th of a foot) is completed correctly and by utilizing state of the art skid steer mounted soil renovators to lightly fluff the soil allowing for optimal seed and sod beds maximizing water absorption unlike typical box blades and buckets.


Commercial projects are by far our specialty. The key to a successful project is the project management itself. Many of these projects are on tight time lines and can have many key factors to the success or failure of the project itself. With out our skilled staff in the field, on the road, and on the job site it may not be possible to complete these projects on time with out complaints and multiple rejections from the architects, owners, and inspectors.


We offer many options for our residential customers from the “Do it your Self” customer who wants to experience the thrill and enjoyment of installing “Natures Carpet” on their lawn or a complete hands off experience with our skilled installers from Briggs Traditional Turf Farm, Inc staff.

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