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September 22, 2012 – Fall Seeding and Fertilization

Fall over seeding and fertilization is an important part to maintaining a healthy lawn. As many of you have notice the last year has been devastating to our once plush and beautiful lawn. Whether it was disease or the drought that damaged your lawn now is the time to start helping your lawn repair itself. Whether your yard is bluegrass or fescue all healthy lawns need to start off with a dose of fertilizer. Coming into fall the best fertilizer analysis that we recommend is 32-3-8 + Iron.

If your yard is patchy and sparse and resodding is still not quite in the budget don’t worry over seeding is a cost effective solution that can help you understand how grass grows and allows you to watch your progress. For more information about “Nature’s Carpet” Fescue blend please call our office and consult one of our many retail locations.


December 15,2011 – Winter Sod Maintenance in Kansas City

Sodded lawns provided a variety of benefits to a property including an immediate manicured look, erosion control, no weeds, not to mention a low-cost way to add 10-15% value to your home or buisness. Let L.C. Briggs Turf Farm, LLC, take the pain out of creating a lush lawn that your neighbors will envy. We invite you to visit our farm to view each type of grass we cultivate. Call 816-779-5800 today to learn installation and maintaining your new sod lawn.

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